Friday, 27 September 2013

Saturdays Army

Just a quick blog about my musings for the game tomorrow. Another 1500pt game versus Young David.

I'm in a bit of a quandary with this one as I want to use my Typhoon but I know it will be quite a variable on the table. I have also pre-warned YD to give him a chance to field some flak.


Command Squad (with Piper and Universal Carrier)     40pts

Infantry Platoon (3 squads with De-frocked Priests transport)    160pts

Infantry Platoon (3 squads with De-frocked Priests transport)    160pts

Infantry Platoon (3 squads) 140pts

Machine Gun Platoon (4 Vickers MMG squads with MMG Carriers)     155pts

Anti Tank Platoon (4 x 6 Pounder A/T guns with Loyds Carriers)     130pts

Tank Troop (3 x Sherman I's and 1 x Sherman Firefly)     275pts

Mortar Platoon (6 x 3" Mortars with carriers) 160pts

Pioneer Platoon  75pts

Priority Air Support  220pts

Total: 1515pts

I think I may regret not having the 17 pounders this time, but I want to play with my aeroplane! Still no recon units painted - they had been next on the list, but the flail tanks were closer so I've started on them.


  1. Ooo.... dropping Air to Limited, Mortars to 4 and losing the 3rd infantry platoon allows you to add Stan Hollis and Capt. Trelevean. FV infantry with the other abilities is rather nice indeed.

    Just a thought.

    Excited to see how the Air support performs! :)

    1. Thanks Dai, one of the goals I have is to make a historical force, so I'll be sticking with the reluctant vet Highlanders.

      I've never been to keen on the use of hero type characters in these games. Subject for a future blog I suppose!


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