Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bugs! 'undreds of em!

Todays trip to the Carluke and Law Wargames club saw me playing the Tyranids in a game of 5th Edition Warhammer 40k.

It was a good laugh, and nice to play something that has a single mindedness (Forward!). We decided my objective was to kill as many Space Marines as possible while the Marines had to kill my synapse creatures. My units of small creatures (gaunts) would respawn from my table edge when a whole unit of them was lost. The Marines started with some units on the table and the rest deep striking in (having drawn the nids into a trap).

The game ended with a good few marines and nids dead. We all agreed it was a fun game, even without using points and proper objectives.


  1. Brilliant, did buggy turn up?

  2. Despises me them Bugs. (Says the former Squat collector. :) )

  3. Paul, yes he did.

    Dai, I used to have a nid army many moons ago but had never really played with it. I was a bit surprised at how good shooting wise it is now.

  4. Nice looking game, beautiful figures!

  5. Thanks Phil, all credit for these guys goes to my two opponents. Buggy with his salamanders and Young David with his painted ultramarines and mostly painted nids.


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