Friday, 11 October 2013

Wargaming in Lanark

A quick wee post to expand on my earlier comments about Knightly Gaming in Lanark. The shop has a good few tables and has a wargaming night on a Thursday from 5pm. I also attend the roleplay game night on Mondays. I believe they also run board game nights on Wednesday and ccg/card game nights on Friday.

As the shop has space and is a handy venue, I can be found there most Thursday nights and hopefully get some mid week games in!


  1. Sounds good Jamie,
    What about parking fir the venue J?

  2. Massive car park at Morrisons just accross the road. Plus train station parking and retail park car park just up the road. Spoilt for choice.

  3. Yeah but all have time limits J.

  4. Morrisons has 2 hours, none of the others do - although arguably the railway carpark is for railway customers only. There is also some parking on the street that runs up alongside Morrisons.

  5. yeah, that may be the best bet. I wonder if St. Marys would allow us to park in their for a few hours if no choir practice etc.


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