Saturday, 7 December 2013

Carluke Wargame club 10mm Rapid fire 30/11/13

Been a while between posts again. I've been waiting on a couple of things to get my flails finished and after a couple of weeks wait my decals from Doms Decals have arrived. Not too happy with the wait this time round, but hey ho.

Hopefully the correct decals can be applied tonight and the matt varnish done tomorrow (weather permitting).

Last weekend I was at the Carluke club and we played a large game of Rapid Fire in 10mm. Myself and YD played and Germans and were pretty soundly defeated. Unfortunately this game brought forward my earlier issues with Rapid Fire. I understand there were a few people on both sides felt the same and consequently another add on for Rapid Fire has been found that fixes some of us had been unhappy about.

Some pics of that game:

We made use of blinds in our defense, but it didn't make too much of a difference. Even YD's Tiger was singularly unable to kill anything and died surprisingly easily!

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