Saturday, 7 December 2013

Carluke Wargames club Napoleonic battle, 7/12/13

Today at the club we had a large battle of General de Brigade with YD's 15mm French and Paul's 15mm Prussians (also to be seen here).

I'm basically stealing blog hits by posting pics of Pauls superbly painted minis!

The battle was a hectic affair with both sides fighting over two villages. It quickly became apparent that on our side of the table there was a bit of a knowledge gap with regards to the rules, so we were running very slowly. In the end the two ends of the table basically became two different battles.

On our side the French infantry brigade on the far right (led by John P) was pinned in place by my light cavalry while my horse artillery wheeled up and started battering at the infantry squares. This resulted in one square being shattered later in the game and my cavalry routing one full battalion from the table.

In the centre Bill's French brigade took the village only to be assaulted by my and Pauls infantry. This fight saw my infantry grab the village and then hold it for the rest of the game, repulsing all attempts to eject them. To the right of our village a cavalry duel developed with the Prussians getting the upper hand.

So a nice game with some amazing mini's. Really nice to see all this stuff on the table.


  1. It was a feckin strange game J. I'll express my thought when i see you next.

  2. Very nice minis indeed. Sounds like you had a very successful game mate.

    I miss my old 15mm Russian Napoleonics..... But then, that'd be an arseload of stuff to have to paint, so I think I can handle it.


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