Saturday, 8 February 2014

15mm Sherman Hybrids WiP (Part 1)

Another quiet few weeks. Since Amy moved in all I've really done modelling wise is some bits and bobs with the Sherman Hybrid conversions I've been working on.

I got all three of them to a point I thought I was happy with and gave the new additions to the models a coat of primer. 

Here's some pics of the first model with the first coat of Russian Green.

After looking at this painted hull, I wasn't happy with the smoothness of my work with the green stuff. So since taking these pics I've used some liquid putty and then a file to try and smooth out some of these areas. More pics to follow once I've applied another coat of primer. 


  1. Glad to hear cohabitation hasn't sent you loony! :P

    Hope you can find time for some more work on these Shermans, very interesting thus far.

  2. No more loony than previously!

    Thanks for the comment Dai, it's been a bit of a experiment as to what I could actually to with the models - interesting way to learn how to use some of the modelling tools I have (including green stuff and liquid putty, etc).


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