Thursday, 20 March 2014

15mm Sherman Hybrids Completed!

Finally, after several months, I've completed my troop of Sherman I Hybrids and my Sherman I Squadron command vehicle.

It's been a bit of a trek to get to this point, but I'm pretty pleased. At the same time pretty annoyed! On the Flames of War website just now they have a new release listed for April: a Sherman IC. Which is the Firefly version of the Hybrids I have been doing.

Ho Hum.

Anyway, here's some pics.

These tanks have been assigned numbers based on their position within C Squadron. The 3 Hybrids have been divided up between troops, with one in the Squadron HQ troop and the others scattered over the other troops in the Squadron.

I've started working on my Sherman ARV mk 1 conversion.  I'll try and take some pics as I go along with that. Progress continues on the M5 halftracks and my M5 halftrack ambulance. So all in all quite happy that I seem to be back on track!

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