Sunday, 2 March 2014

Flames of War 15mm Sherman Flail Squadron (Completed)

After many months of having the last model in this unit sitting on the shelf, I finally made a move to get it painted (along with my Sherman Hybrids which are also nearing completion).

The result is I now have my two Sherman Flail 'Crab' tanks with the Sherman V command tank. The markings and decals were as accurate as I could find - Ludovic Fortin's "British Tanks in Normandy" shows the tanks without any squadron markings, and looking at some of the pictures of Flails I could find I couldn't see any standard markings (other than the turret numbers).

This book also details that during Totalise it was the 22nd Dragoons that supported the Highland Division (and as such, 144 RAC).

So, without further ado, here's the pics:

Lead 'gun' tank with spare tracks and chains... This is also one of the few tanks I have done with an extra machine gun - in this case one of the many spare Skytrex .30 cals I have.

1/72 Firefly vs 15mm Flames of War Flail


  1. Holy cow Jamie, these look amazing!

    Totally outdone yerself with this platoon mate.

    What else do you have on the queue for your 51st?

  2. Thanks Dai, I was working on getting some Shermans finished, but decided to change them from B Squadron markings to C Squadron markings. So my completed tanks needed altered. Then I realised if I was doing that I may as well fix the shiny decal issue I had... And if I was fixing that I should also apply the Mickey Mouse camo scheme to my arty trucks and quads... So I've actually gone backwards in the amount I've finished! I've now a load of Universal Carriers to re decal. Other than that I've got a Ambulance Halftrack and Jeep to do, a MP Jeep diorama, my AVRE's, Recce platoons, 4.2" Mortar Platoon, Aa Platoon, etc, etc, !!!!

  3. It never ends mate...... If I hadn't done similar to my Canadians, I don't think I would have won Best painted at February's tournament. LOL!

    Can't wait to see updated pics of this lot!


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