Sunday, 8 June 2014

Paint table Saturday #31

Having finished a couple of big batches of models recently (well, a few weeks ago) I've struggled a bit with motivation. I had selected my battery of 4 Bofors AA guns and some trucks I needed doing, only to find I really dislike the Forged in Battle sculpts of these guns and really wish I had bought the Battlefront version. 

This has not helped me paint them! 

I've taken some pics of where I'm at just now (still an early rough stage), but I really am struggling with these as I just feel the Battlefront versions would look better...

The gunsights on the models are scratch built (not part of the kit) and the platform + gunners + gun mechanism were all one part. Making it very hard to get into. The gunners sculpts are a bit rough, as are the surfaces on the gun shields. I may eventually finish these and sell them on, depending how happy I am when they are done. 

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  1. Completely with you on the FiB sculpts. I have two of these and they were no fun to paint at all. The crew on foot were likewise uninspiring.


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