Thursday, 6 November 2014

15mm Ambulance Jeep - WiP

Part of my painting chart for the 6 Months Metal Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge is an ambulance jeep, for use with Battlegroup Overlord. And also because I thought it would be interesting to do as a project, and would fit in with the other wartime medical models I was planning on doing.

The original plan had been to use the stretcher models from the Skytrex medic's packs I had bought. However, having prepared one of them for the model I became concerned that it would make the model look a little too busy. So the other night I began 'constructing' this:

These were done using some of the styrene I had ordered via ebay a few months ago. The pack contained various lengths and thicknesses of styrene. Combined with some thin plasticard I had, I built two stretchers and then a framework for the hood of the Jeep.

The reason for the framework was that I realised that in order to paint the jeep and get the decals I want to put on in place, I would have to add the stretchers once the jeep was finished.

Obviously, the stretcher poles and supports still have to be trimmed!

The Jeep itself needed a couple of extras. I don't think I would be able to work with styrene thin enough to make the pole like supports. I should have mentioned I am using a 20mm model from Milicast as a guide (pic found here). However, I may give using the thinner stuff a try depending on how I feel once all the bits are done.

The supports at the front still need to be trimmed to the correct length to support the front of the stretchers.

And a (very rough) assembly of all the bits:

The metal support in the centre is in the pack as a post for an optional machine gun, but I had thought it could be trimmed to act as additional support for the rear stretcher. I'm still not sure on that (and can't find my clippers currently - another victim of the house move) and may remove it.

So that's the plan so far - hopefully I can get it looking decent once all the bits are trimmed and fitted. But it does give me something to work on while I wait for a chance to varnish the small tank horde I currently have sitting on my desk. When it comes to painting this up I will also do the other two jeeps - one which will be a MP jeep and the other which is part of the HQ for my Bofors unit.


  1. Bloody hell Jamie, that's some great attention to detail, per usual. :)

  2. Thanks guys - it is very teeny. And totally not required for Flames of War!

    Dispatch rider is in the queue as well Dai - I can't varnish anything just now so going to try and bash on with painting.

  3. Very cool scratch build. It made me think of the opening to MASH. I think they carried their stretchers side to side though. No idea which orientation (if either) is "correct". Any ideas?

  4. Hi Dave, thanks.

    In all honesty there are lots of pictures of the jeeps with stretchers front to back or side to side. My initial idea had been to do them side to side, but when I saw the Milicast model ( I decided just to go with it front to back. Really there seems to be all configurations. One popular one seems to have been a frame that put the stretchers up over the main compartment.

    Really it's just an excuse to have something different in my collection either way!

  5. That is just brilliant...and I only just realised that you weren't on my blogroll! Fixed nw, and apologies: no wonder I wasn't seeing any of your updaets!

    I've noticed pics of casualty jeeps with vertical struts for blood/plasma/drips/whatever: any inclinations in this direction with some spare rod?

    These are just amazing, and I might just steal the idea for my second themed objective marker...


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