Monday, 3 November 2014

#6MMRPC Update

Hi folks,

So having put 112 hours into Wasteland 2 (a truly excellent game) I thought it was time to break out the brushes properly and try to crack on with this painting challenge.

Still no completed units painted but I'm getting there. All the main colours are now blocked in, I've spent some time peering at them closely to find mistakes... but so far all good. No doubt more bright blotches in the wrong area will turn up post Armypainter varnish.

So at this point, no shading, highlights or washes!!!

Here's the WiP shots. 3 Sherman Fireflys, 5 Sherman I's, 2 Humber Scout Cars and 1 D7 Armoured Bulldozer.

And the pre painting shot:

Closer shots:


  1. Very nice. I like the contrast on the stowage.

  2. Probably the pics, but those Fireflys seem quite a bit bigger than the regular Shermans?

    Good to see you got some work done on this very nice selection of models mate.

  3. Thanks guys!

    The Fireflys are based on the Sherman V hull which is realistically slightly bigger than the Sherman I. Two of the Fireflys are resin and the other is plastic. The gun on them is pretty massive! Looking at the Sherman I's vs the Sherman VC's side by side the height and widths are the same. The Fireflys are longer (but the M4A4 had a longer hull due to the different engine I think). The biggest difference is the gun (obviously).

    The Armypainter varnish should tone down the colours and the stowage, I just try to vary the shades of the canvas rolls and such to vary them a little.

  4. Base colour is always the grunt work. With inking, weathering and highlighting it's going to look fantastic very fast.


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