Saturday, 15 November 2014

#6MMRPC Update

As I continue plodding towards the aim of having everything on my painting chart green within the 6 months time frame.... I thought I should update my actual chart.

I've reached a bit of a dead end with the vehicles because of the weather, time and not being allowed to use varnish in the house any more (the injustice! - although I am working on being able to use the box room so my varnishing isn't stopped for the whole winter). 

While I try to resolve the vanishing issue, I have now moved onto trying to clear my feet of the various infantry and crew figures I have. 

Hence the updated chart with a bit more orange on it!

The last week was spent cleaning all these figures up, getting them prepped and now they are ready to go (although I'm not sure whether or not I am!!!). 

So 21 'sticks' worth of figures. About 100 individual figures. *Sigh* 

Plus the three jeeps I have been working on...  


  1. That is a mighty big chart! Still, even if you get half that done it will be twice what I would get through in the same period. Good luck, it'll all be worth it when you're playing with your fully painted army :-)

  2. Chart's looking mighty colourful now! I like to see this progress mate!

    I have just as many infantry to paint.... Gawds they are my bane! ~_~ (And I chose to attempt SS peadot camo too... Ugh.)

  3. I always feel better about infantry after I paint the flesh colour. It somehow seems more doable afterward.


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