Saturday, 22 November 2014

Battlegroup Overlord game 22/11/14

I had a chance to get along to the Carluke and Law Wargames Club this Saturday as A was working. Having organised with YD to play BG:O we had planned on a 300 point game. However we decided to ask through the week if anyone else wanted to play.

The answer was everyone.

It turns out that these rules have become the favorite WW2 system in the club, replacing the previous champion Rapid Fire. In reply to my text to YD about what points to play, the reply was 'bring everything'!

We set up a long table with the aim of playing up rather than across. The club has adopted the game with a couple of small modifications. Currently, they ignore the force BR and just play to a set BR level for each side. This worked pretty well for a pick up game, but talking to YD afterwards I felt that the method of BR tracking disadvantaged the Allies. But for pickup games it works fine. The other major modification is that instead of randomly drawing counters Big Stu had re-arranged the counters sheet into a random format, and you roll 1d8 for row and 1d12 for line. Pretty simple... but I think the rules have drawn counters removed from the pot so that there are a limited number of '1's and '5's.

Still, great game. Highlights were our (the allied) cunning plan that had us attacking in waves with each wave having a objective. Our infantry secured the start line and then the mobile forces came on...  Our Shermans coming on and bravely engaging the front armour of the Jagdpather - one shot pinging off into orbit causing the Jagdpather crew to roll a 1 for morale and be pinned!

Our 25-pounders had the crossroads pre-registered and we called down all 4 guns onto the crossroads behind the Jagdpanther - and the first ranging round scattered to within an inch of the big cat. I can imagine the FOO calling fire for effect before the dust had cleared! The result was one dead Big Cat.

Nebelwerfer fire raining down to pin and destroy, Pak40's lurking behind every hedge and nice models on the table. All good fun.

The high tide of the allied advance was the large dark forest on the right, beside YD's model box. 

The Typhoon is acting as a BF109-G - running into ambush fire from our Bofors 40mm gun placed on Ambush fire on turn 1!

Smokes fallen off the big cat!


  1. Now this looks fun...and 15mm too?!

    Please give me a steer to these rules...pretty please?

  2. Hi Drax. Yeah, we played in 15mm - the nice thing about the rules is you can use FoW based stuff. The downside is you have to track casualties and we found it easier to just use separate stands as units for order and casualty purposes. It becomes a bit clunky trying to remember that your squad is two five man teams when the teams might be split by terrain, etc. Eventually I will have some single based infantry for this system.

    Its a really nice rules system than comes in a tiny book - the campaign books add in army lists and stuff. Very attractive books as well, and the Overlord one includes a timeline for each of the invasion beaches for d-day (as an example of cool content).

    I have a blog entry giving a quick run through of the rules. You can also see some here:

    1. Fantastic - thanks: you've lit a spark!

  3. Hi Jamster
    That looks and sounds great. What a lovely collection you guys have out together!

  4. Ambulance half track looks sweet!

  5. Thanks Paul, it was nice to see all the models out. Young Davids collection of German kit is impressive!

  6. Loved it, your Brits are meticulously painted and a pleasure to the eye.

    1. Thanks Des, was a pleasure to have a fellow appreciator of the humble 25-pounder on my side!

  7. I've still yet to try these rules. Maybe next year.

    Nicely written and photographed report mate.

  8. Yes the cross roads were a great target even better when their "stonk" bagged the Jadpather, think "Lucky" pinning it in place made a big contribution.


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