Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Blog Disaster

I'm having to undertake some maintenance to my blog currently as posts from Sept 2013 until recently have broken image links.

Apologies for this, it seems to be due to Facebook moving/changing the URL of the pictures involved. I am having to download the images from facebook and re-upload them to blogger to make sure they do not vanish again.

As you can imagine, trying to remember which picture goes where makes this all the more interesting. I am also enjoying how poor the lighting is in many of my pics!!!

Normal service will resume presently!


  1. Eh, no worries Jamie. Yet another reason I despise Facebook.

    Hope it doesn't end up being too much work mate.

    1. To use a local word Dai, I'm totally scunnered by it. The point of keeping the blog was as a reference point and with a huge number of my more useful posts (like some of my model comparisons) pictureless that makes the whole thing pointless!!!

      Even if some/most of the pics look like they were in a dark room with the lights off... Or so out of focus the photographer may have been drinking...

      Unfortunately it is a lot of work and has effected my painting time this week. I should have got my first batch of infantry finished with being block painted last night, instead I was messing with year old blog posts!

  2. I the words of Dr Sam Beckett, as he quantum leaped into yet another body...

    "Oh boy."


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