Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Full Thrust - Loss at Tab 1

"... Questions were asked in Pariament today after the Admiralty reported the loss of the Heavy Destroyer RNS Duncan and Destroyer RNS Dunkirk while enforcing the no fly zone around the interdicted colony of Tab 1. Unknown forces, presumed to be human but of no declared faction, were intercepted on an approach vector to the planet...."
From NAC Today News

Myself and C (one of my Full Thrust converts) had a quick low points game (400pts) - the first use of my kitchen table for gaming since the move. 

C used to build his ships. He got himself a small fleet of the new British ships from Brigade ( and statted them up to be a low thrust, heavy weapon fleet. I think the plan is for them to be a corporate/private military contract fleet. For his 400 points he could field 2 destroyers and 3 frigates.

I went for two destroyers and a heavy destroyer using the stats for the new style NAC ships here:

The result was me not identifying the points and mass cost of thrust 6 on my ships and the weaponry and defenses that thrust 2 ships gain. Combined with my appalling dice rolling led to my heavy destroyer and one destroyer being obliterated in a head on pass, and my remaining destroyer running with no systems remaining. And all I managed in return was some desultory damage on a couple of ships.

A rather sharp reminder that when you have maneuverability, you should use it!!! The next episode is in the works however! 

Also in the works this Christmas has been my second lot of infantry figures for the 6MMRPC, including my two Military Police figures. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 


  1. Merry Christmas jamie to you and A and yet family. See u in the new year!

  2. And to you and Mai! Have a good one!

  3. Those MP's look interesting. How will you use them?

    1. Just a wee Diorama I've been thinking about. Ive a good friend that was a redcap, so I said I'd try and do something for my army for them.

      Currently thinking these two guys, a MP jeep and a signpost on a base. Just set up to work with the other little dioramas I have done. Nothing special and with no in game effect!


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