Saturday, 27 December 2014

Oh, the depths of WW2 geekery...

As part of my regular Xmas I normally get a WW2 aircraft print calendar. This years has some cracking art in it and having an admiring look through it tonight on my return home, I came across this:

Spot the mistake!!!

(I did immediately, resulting in loud sighs from A - 'does it really matter??' says she - all I could do was splutter in outrage and defence! Still unsure whether to write to the maker!!! Imagine getting one of my favourite planes wrong!)


  1. interesting - not a plane i'm over familiar with so it looks ok at a glance. I've had a look on the net and couldn't find one with the same nose, so please spill the beens.

  2. Hi Dannoc, The aircraft in the picture is a Bristol Beaufighter, not a Bristol Beaufort. Similar names - and with at times similar roles, but different aircraft. The Beaufighter was a twin engined 'heavy fighter'. A superb ground or sea attack aircraft that could carry torpedoes, rockets, bombs and was normally armed with 4 x 20mm cannon and 6 x .303 machine guns. The Beaufort was a naval attack bomber and recon aircraft. It could carry bombs and torps but was much more of a light bomber like the Blenheim, it normally only carried between 3 and 7 .303 machine guns depending on the model - normally only for self defence.


    In short, that's the wrong plane in the picture. A bit like mixing up a Spitfire and a Hurricane or a Lancaster and a B17. Just WW2 planes to the general public, but like mixing up a Nissan Micra and a Ford Focus to most WW2 geeks (or at least, British WW2 geeks! - Japanese planes are all the same to me!)

  3. with you now. I've heard of both planes but wouldn't have been able to pick one from the other (though I've a better chance now after looking at your links - thanks) - you think they should have the identification right.

  4. O the outrage! :)

    Am with you though, if you're going to publish a calendar with blurb below, at least make sure the bloody thing's accurate!

    1. Exactly!!! I've now got to look at their mistake for a whole month!!!

  5. Im not a plane buff myself but agreed they should know there stuff, but on the up side you've got a really great blog here nice picks

  6. Hi Kent,

    Thanks very much! Picture quality is something I'm steadily working on. I'm really needing a light box - but my painting quality needs to be better for that ;)


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