Thursday, 17 September 2015

6MMRPC: A Bask of Crocodiles!

Hi Folks,

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

I've managed to get these 5 tanks and trailers to the point that they are ready for the Army Painter varnish. They were alright to paint - the more I work with Churchills the more I come to see them as quite charming in a pugnacious way.

Some of those pictures are looking a little washed out, but the paint tone is the same Russian Uniform green as eve.

Plus the trailers:

Still some touching up required, but that can be fixed easily enough (like the wheel above). The main thing is to get them varnished now, as time is rapidly ticking down to moving day!

I've also managed to get the flesh painted on half of the crew figures. I had planned to get the rest finished tonight, but my PC was starting to sound like a helicopter as I have been putting off cleaning it out for months. So I ended up doing that  instead.

I also had a secret project to work on tonight - but I made less progress than hoped, just getting the models cleaned and assembled. I may have time for a base coat but I doubt I'll get too much more done this week... More on this later!

Now on the painting table (but with little hope of being ready) are my M10C's, Crusader AA tanks and Stuart III's. With luck I will at least get the stowage on these and perhaps a base coat before moving day. 

Croc on!


  1. Did you decide on magnets or anything for the trailers?

    They look good. I admire your perseverance with 15mm green vehicles :-P.

    1. I'm just going to base them separately and not attach them. They will follow the tanks round and be removed as and when.

      Lots more 15mm green vehicles to go as well! Maybe some Russian ones when Team Yankee comes out.

  2. Neat job, the netting works really well. Quite a task you have set yourself!

  3. Still looking great mate.

    I think there's a list in Market Garden that allows for two platoons of these beasts...

  4. Oof - I was off the mark mate, it's actually the 51st, 15th and 50th Rifle Companies out of the Overlord book that allow two Croc platoons. At least according to


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