Saturday, 31 October 2015

15mm Foliage

Hi folks,

I thought I should take the time to do a little post detailing my attempts at 15mm scale 'realistic' looking foliage. It's a pretty simple process and only involves seafoam sprigs, 'leaf' shaped flock and superglue.

The main components came from - here.

The Seafoam sprigs arrived in a decent sized box - certainly enough to keep me going for quite a while.

While there was also a decent sized bag of the flock like stuff.

So, grabbing a set of clippers I snipped off a couple of smaller sprigs of the seafoam. I then applied dabs of superglue to the sprigs and dipped them in a tub filled with the flock.

I left this to dry for a while (I did two of these at once) before clipping up one of the sprigs into much smaller 'branches'. As I was going to something the had to look in scale and that would have been applicable by the crew - especially a crew used to sitting in ambush or defensive positions - I mainly used the smaller clippings to decorate the turret and break up the hull a little. I had previously applied some of the camo netting that I had been using to the tank, so the foliage just went on over that.

Once I had the quantity and shape I was happy with, I did use some Vallejo beige brown paint to touch up the colour of the sprigs. I didn't paint any of the leaves, but may come back to that in the future depending on how the other

Turret only

Turret and Hull done

Final version
So all in all quite easy to do. Oddly enough, I picked up a book on Operation Totalise at the Leeds wargames show. One of the pictures in the book is this:

Picture used without permission

Which features Wasps, a Churchill Crocodile and a M10 covered in foliage - although the M10 has a lot more foliage on it that mine does!


  1. Very nice. I'm interested to see how well they hold up over time.

    1. I'm hopeful that it will hold up ok Cameron, it's attached with superglue and while varnishing the models I made sure I put a decent coat on the foliage as well to strengthen it a bit.

  2. Looks very realistic to my eyes. I'm following with great interest as I plan to do this later with my 'Bolt Action' tanks. Your 15mm models are very fine Jamie.

    1. Thanks 'Lee, I'm glad you think so. I think at 28mm you would have to use something other than the seafoam - or you would have to trim it down a lot to make it look more in scale.

  3. Wow! That's some excellent camo! I also will be interested to see how well it holds up after some time.


  4. Think I'll attempt this technique out on my own remaining two M10's. Very cool Jamie, thanks for showing us how you do it!

    1. It's pretty easy to do Dai, just a matter of taking the time and being careful with the size of the bits - and with the glue when you glue them on. I also gave mine a quick coat of Matt varnish.

  5. I'm liking the finish in these Jamie.

  6. Yep very interesting, definitely adds to the model, usually I an only covering up!


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