Monday, 26 October 2015

6MMRPC: Finished! Churchill Crocodiles

Hi folks,

A busy weekend away, but I managed to get these models finished on Friday. Only crew figures to add to the 2 troop command vehicles, and that's them! There are still a few needing magnetised, but I'm not counting that as part of the painting process currently.

In the longer term, I am going to pick up one more Churchill Croc to finish off the 2 tank troop. I didn't aim to have 5, only obtaining the extra 2 as replacements for poor castings on 2 of the others (which I have more or less hidden under camo netting) - but since I ended up with almost 2 full troops, I may as well finish them.

More pics of these guys are planned, but above are pics of one of the troop command tanks and another of the troop tanks with it's fuel trailer.

The tanks are decalled up as Churchill Crocodiles from 141 RAC, 31st Tank Brigade. I've gone quite light on squadron markings due to lack of space on the turrets and being a little unclear as to what the markings should be. I could find very few pictures that clearly showed the tactical markings. As I understand it, as the junior regiment of 31st Tank Brigade these markings were in blue, which shows up poorly on period black and white pictures.

Although this regiment ended up working as part of 79th Armoured Division, administratively it remained as part of the 31st Tank Brigade until late 44/early 45, hence the lack of any 79th AD markings.


  1. That's some lovely painting and modelling.

  2. I can only hope my own Crocs turn out as nice as these. Your basing is also super well done too.

  3. Top painting and modelling Jamie, a joy to behold! Cracking pics to!


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