Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas! And introducing Gunuary!

Hi folks,

Having had my blog roll fill up with bloggers all over the world wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I thought I should do the same. So a Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours!

And with the New Year approaching, I'll take this opportunity to express an old Scottish sentiment to everyone out there: Lang may yer lum reek!*

This won't be my first Christmas spent in England, but it will be my first Christmas and New Year living here. The next year is going to bring a lot of change (again) with hopefully a house move at some point and our wedding in October. Hopefully, on the Hobby Front, I will also be able to find somewhere to play and keep going with my painting.

I'm planning to start the new year off with a theme, in order to give me some focus for my painting. So I've decided that January will now be Gunuary - A time for me to focus on getting my artillery units up to scratch. This will include:

- Getting the bases of all artillery and mortar units up to date (flowers, tufts, etc)
- Building, painting and basing all 8 outstanding 25 pdrs
- Finishing all outstanding 25 pdr crew figures
- Sorting out the replacement figures for my 4.2" mortar platoon
- Building, painting and basing my 2 Battlefront 40mm Bofors (and finishing the whole unit off)
- Building, painting and basing my 5.5" guns (on the assumption the whole unit arrives in January - a tearful Amy informed me last night that despite the order being placed with Battlefront in November during the sale, none of the models ordered for my Christmas have arrived)
- Paint my Auster AOP model

And if I have time (doubtful) then looking to build, paint and base my PSC 6 pdrs for my 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry list.

Phew! I think I will be lucky if I finish one item from that list, but I will push myself and try to get as much done as I can.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! I hope Santa is good to you and the heartburn medication works out fine!

*Long may your chimney smoke/May your always have fuel for your fire/Live long and prosper ;)


  1. Tearful? Aww, that's adorable. You've a good one there mate, hobby gifts by spouses are typically ones handed over with gritted teeth. :)

    Hope your day was special.

    1. It was Dai, thanks. Yeah, she was pretty upset that she basically had nothing to wrap for me on the day - and her mum had bought me stuff as well in the same order. She prefers to get me stuff she knows I want and will enjoy rather than picking something that I have no interest in (most 'grown up' things!)

      Still wasn't nice to see her upset about it, although I had said when I gave her the list that I would be surprised if it arrived in time for xmas - Battlefront had set themselves up to fail on that mark and it does make me very concerned about the state of their business.

  2. Are you going to be in the Middlesbrough area for long? Or will your next house move take you away - I ask, in view of your comment about finding gaming opportunities, me being quite close to you and that I'm also looking to get some games in during 2016.

    Looking at what I've seen on your blog: I don't have any 15mm WW2 (at present, at least). I don't have any space miniatures. But I do have a small amount of 15mm Moderns (to use for Section -level gaming).

    I do have bits for Old West gaming for Dead Man's Hand, that could be taken along to the Redcar club if its easier, that will provide a few hours easy gaming and a nice introductory game. If you're ever interested just drop me a message - no worries if nothing comes of this, I'm happy just to help another hobbyist.

    1. I will be in this area for the foreseeable future Roy - we are living with Amy's parents until her job situation is a little less temporary and then will be looking for somewhere in the same area. I had a 3 hour commute to work in Glasgow when we lived in Scotland, and working in Middlesbrough town center means I will be staying close by in order to not have the same nightmare journey every day.

      I'll drop you a line - I'm happy to play anything really (including Rapid Fire, I just don't like the rules!) I very much appreciate your offer, I do need to get out and get some games in.

  3. Gunuary ? Nice idea. I might try Knights-by-easter.

  4. All the best to you this coming year. Having recently done a move, and a wedding a year and a half earlier, I can appreciate the logistics involved.


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