Thursday, 14 April 2016

MMM April Challege - Update!

Hi Folks,

The end of week 2 of the April Challenge and I'm making some good progress. Batch #1 and #2 are painted and just needing based. I had a bit of an issue with varnish, having decided to try out some of the new Vallejo Polyurethane Matt Varnish. I tried to apply this in the usual way, giving it a good shake, etc. It ended up all bubbly on the model which left marks when it dried.

A lot of messing about and the models didn't look very matt. I tried the Vallejo Matt Varnish and still no matt, so I tried a spray. I'm still not happy that they are as matt as they should be but they are better than they were.

With the second batch I tried the Polyurethane varnish again, this time opening the bottle and stirring it (as per the Vallejo website instructions). Still shiny and no matt effect. Small bubbles started appearing while painting on the varnish, possibly caused by the brush? I switched to the standard matt varnish while the other was still wet and it seems to have saved them a bit. It's still not as matt as I would like.

Next batch I will just use the normal matt varnish. I think there is something with the Polyurethane varnish I am missing or doing wrong.

Anyway, 7 strips of Peter Pig infantry to go and that will be everything painted for this month that I had planned. The bases are all covered in the resin, so just need trimming, painting, flocking, etc.

If I have time spare (Ha!) I might start either the Mortars of Pak40's.

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The painted models (from the paint brush on the left)

Work In Progress - Peter Pig Germans

Some of the 2nd batch, all done.

The first batch, finished.


  1. Looking good Jamie! Nice to see the mix of field-grey uniforms and camo smocks/helmet covers.

    These will look better than the first platoon I'd wager.

  2. Very good job on those figures James, lots of contrast.


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