Thursday, 19 May 2016

MMM May Challenge, Week 2 Update

Hi folks,

Slightly later with this weeks update, mainly due to lack of having anything interesting to show!

Last night I got the 1st matt varnish coat on my 2nd batch of German infantry, leaving me with just one more lot to do... and the basing, guns, mortars, etc.

Painted and varnished, awaiting basing - the M10's are not part of the challenge, being finished last month.
So with these now off the painting table, I'm left with:

Only this lot to do - the mortars themselves also need built and painted, but I will do them once I have started the basing. The guns are at an early stage here as well.

In other news, our community (Miniature Modelling Mayhem) got a nice mention in the Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine this month (June edition). Really nice to get some recognition for what we're doing and for our use of technology as part of our hobby activities. If you don't use Facebook, you can also join our Google+ community group here. While I'd encourage people to join in on our hangouts, we have lots of nice stuff posted to our Facebook group from community members - as well as it being a great place to ask questions and get tips.


  1. Nice one on the mention! I've yet to be included in any article so colour me thoroughly jealous. :)

    1. Thanks Dai, it certainly put a smile on our faces! Great that the community is getting the recognition it deserves.


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