Wednesday, 1 June 2016

MMM May Challenge - Done!

Hi Folks,

I had no update this weekend and I was hard at work getting my challenge finished for this month. It was a bit of a slog - I won't deny that. I knew I was pushing myself with the amount of models for this month... and I am glad I can take the foot off the pedal for a bit.

As ever, massive thanks go out to the MMM chat guys n gals.

So, here we go:

PaK40 platoon + spare gun for my Nebelwerfer battery. Plus command team.

I might add some of the same foliage to these guys as I used on my M10's - but for now these guys are finished.

Mortar Platoon with 2 spare mortars (Battlefront teams) for my HQ platoon. I do have the Peter Pig models donated by Lee, but had spares so decided to do them. Also 3 spotter teams and command.

Then we have a 9 squad pioneer platoon with command. Each squad of these guys is 3 stands, making it a massive unit. Only riflemen though. Command has a Panzerfaust.

And lastly we have three standard sniper teams and one sniper character.

I also ended up with 2 spares and a painted vehicle driver. So 114 infantry, 5 guns and 8 mortars.

Which means over 3 months I have painted:

Command HQ + A/T Team + 4 Mortar Squads + 3 sniper teams
3 x Infantry platoons
1 x Pioneer platoon
1 x HMG platoon
1 x Mortar Platoon
1 x PaK40 platoon (with 5 guns)

Leaving me with:

1 x Fusilier platoon (small unit, only 2 squads)
1 x Nebelwerfer battery (3 rocket launchers + command)
1 x 8.8cm A/T gun platoon (2 guns)
3 x StuGs
2 x Tigers (just to patch up/repair)
Not much to do!!!


  1. Well done James, they look great!

    1. Thanks Jack - I wasn't too pleased with some of the German infantry sculpts, but they look OK painted.

  2. Really nice work. I particularly like the basing.

    1. Thanks Rod - I keep meaning to do a step by step for that!

  3. That's a crazy amount of infantry for one month! Great job!

  4. lovely work James, great highlighting and basing.

    1. Thanks Lee, tried 2 stage highlights on some of these guys. Not sure whether it's worth continuing with that though!

  5. Fantastic work done James!


  6. Good work james, they look great. That is a lot done in a month!

    1. Thanks! Couldn't have done it without all those hours on paint and chats! Really helped me stay focused.

  7. A huge amount painted and to such a high standard. Very good show James!

  8. Cripes mate, that's damned impressive! And they look smashing as well! Bravo!

    1. Thanks Dai, I had really pushed myself and wasn't sure I'd get it all done! Real relief to have it off the table!


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