Sunday, 10 July 2016

Team Yankee: The British are Coming!

Hi folks,

No pictures I've afraid, although I have seen some images of the British MBT via the Beasts of War site. Combined with some of the other comments and interviews I've caught, I thought it might be worth a quick article on what's been revealed so far:

- The British MBT shown on the Beasts of War backstage video is a Chieftain. The plastic sprue shown seemed to have two turret options, one of which appeared to have the Stillbrew turret armour.

- There was a comment made that the RAF would not just be getting 'the Tornado with RAF roundels on it'. Which probably means the Harrier or Jaguar (or possibly the Phantom???). Given the Harrier is the more iconic, it's probably that (incidentally, my least favorite period aircraft).

And some suppositions by myself based on what's been seen so far. 

- The only real option for the Brit helicopters for the period is the Lynx... although given that the Team Yankee Brits seem to be circa 1970 rather than 1985, that might be up in the air!

 - Scorpion and Scimitar Recce vehicles are a possibility. Although again, with the Brits seeming to be getting older kit it could be Fox A/C's.

- I would expect to see the 432 family as the APC's. Hopefully not the older wheeled vehicles.

- Possibly the Abbot rather than the American SP arty that the US and Germans have.

Team Yankee was written to be parallel with "The Third World War" by Gen Sir John Hackett- which was written in 1979 about a conflict in 1985. I've not read this book myself (yet), but I suspect that Battlefront might be basing the British ToE on the contents of that book rather than on what was actually available.

The other comment worth noting was that the Brits are due out 'before the holidays' and that there are currently no plans for what nation to do next.

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm twitching now. Having started one short career in a MkIV FV4201 and ended it watching the Challenger 1 roll out, the lack of definition in ORBAT is somewhat maddening. Although, perhaps if a conventional war went on long enough, all those mothballed equipments may have been pressed back into service - Saracen, Saladin, wasp, hunter, vixen etc. We'll have to wait and see......


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