Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Finished!: 1st troop of 24th Polish Lancers

Hi folks,

Not much more of an update than the one I posted on Friday! I managed to finish all of my Shermans for my first troop of A Squadron, the 24th Polish Lancer Regiment, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st Polish Armoured Division...

Just some pictures, which hopefully show off my approach with these guys. I've tried to keep the stowage fairly tidy and uniform, as well as the use of track links on the front of the tank (other than the single tank with sandbags).

These are all 'rescued' open fire plastic Sherman V's, with a bit of TLC applied to hide gaps in the hulls, etc.

Oddly enough, while in Edinburgh at the weekend I came across this chap:

This Statue in Edinburgh of a Polish soldier and Wojtec the bear commemorates the Scottish connection with the Free Polish forces and Polish people. The inscription, touchingly, reads:

"In memory of the
Polish men and women 
who fought 
'For Your Freedom 
and Ours'"


  1. Tanks look great Jamie! I like the wee pennant too.

    That statue is very nicely done. Most people aren't even aware of the efforts of the Polish after Germany rolled through their hasty defenses.

    1. Thanks Dai - the Pennant just adds a splash of colour and makes them a little different from my other Shermans. Not sure about 'rolling through their defences'. The Poles lasted longer than the French and Brits, and were doing pretty well considering until the Russians attacked as well. I've been reading some German accounts recently and the Polish campaign was pretty hard fought.

  2. Your Shermans looks very nice. I got my Lancers in 15s and 28s and planning to made them in 20s too. Statue looks very nice and is very appreciated by Polish community in Edinburgh and Scotland.

    1. Thanks Bartek - There are a few memorials to the Polish troops in the area around my home town as well. Lots of Polish troops were based in Lanarkshire. Hope my efforts do the Lancers justice!

  3. Very nice, you have the ww2 armour nailed down.


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