Sunday, 18 September 2016

Finished! 3mm (1/600th) scale Team Yankee aircraft

Hi Folks,

Busy weekend, having been up in Edinburgh for my 'Stag'. Got a decent amount of time in the castle, so for a geek like me that counts as a good day!

Last week I finished these models which have been sitting partially completed for a while. These are part of my 3mm Team Yankee project and provide the air support for the Russian and American armies. Below are pictures of Mi-24 Hinds, SU-25's and A10's. Aircraft models are all from Tumbling Dice.

The Hinds I have based in pairs, as the pair is the smallest unit size for this helicopter. I'll do my Cobra's the same. I'm not sure how Heli's will work in my conversion - fighting wise they will be the same, but I'm not sure that unlimited movement will work with the reduced scales. I am concerned now as well that pairs might not work due to the salvo weapon system - but I guess each stand could just put down two templates. Perhaps single basing would be better? After all, the smallest unit of aircraft that can be bought is also 2, and I have based these individually.

In game these Hinds have Anti-tank and anti infantry/soft skin weapons. 2 Hinds cost 5 points and normally make up a support choice (games at 15mm are normally 100 points a side). 

Russian air heavy hitters, these SU-25 Frogfoots perform much like the A-10. In Team Yankee they appear on the table where you wish them to fire from, then are removed from the table once they have fired/been fired at. Unlike Flames of War, in Team Yankee casualties to this unit carry over between strikes. These aircraft have a powerful anti-tank missile system, a salvo rocket launching system and a 30mm gun (pick one weapon for the attack, not all firing on one attack run).

Bringing the brrrrrrrrrt down on Russian tank formations, these are the air support for the American forces in TY. Featuring it's famous 30mm gun, Maverick AT missiles and salvo template cluster bombs, these aircraft are the bane of grouped tank formations. Fortunately for the russkies, they have access to both gun, infantry and missile AA options!


  1. Looking good.
    Made me think what you could use to represent the rotors on the Hinds. I know I've seen circles of clear plastic used, with painted on white blurred lines in places to represent the rapid moving blades.
    My copy of the rules arrived on Saturday and they seem a set of rules I could pick up with the aid of a few games. As I said over on FB, I'll be happy to help trial rule mods if you ever brought them to Tunstall and were looking for players.

  2. yes looking very good need to do my own Frogfoots

  3. Dinky little buggers. Must have been swift and fun to paint though. Looking forward to reading a batrep where you've used all these.


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