Tuesday, 18 October 2016

300 posts and 100,000 visitors - a celebration and a giveaway!

Hi folks,

I'm always aware that with blogs - and hobby blogs in particular - readers tend not to be interested too much in the personal life of the blogger and more interested in the hobby side! I've always very much tried to keep my personal goings on separate, and post about important things - like toy soldiers!

To keep with that theme, here's some PSC Plastic Cromwells my lovely wife allowed me to build while relaxing on honeymoon!

Onto the smushy stuff!

Looking back, I started this blog in May 2013 - which was not too long after I had first met and started dating the lovely Mrs Madtinhatter. Coincidentally about the time of my 300th blog post and 100,000th visitor, I was doing this:

Incidentally the cliff tops where we had our wedding reception was the site of a WW2 battery of Medium coastal defence guns... The trick to successful relationships with non geeks is realising that the other party is not interested in such trivia!

So, this post is a celebration of several things. I've come a long way since that 1st post. My collection has grown along with my skill level and lead mountain. I've still a long way to go, but keep looking at those early painted models and wondering when I can fit in a touch up of them all! The other impact the blog and my hobby has had - although the support of a wonderful woman plays the biggest part - has been my improved health and quality of life.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and visited the blog over the last 3 years (who wasn't a Russian SpamBot) and for all the support, comments and opportunities to engage with fellow hobbyists. As a token of my thanks, I was going to have a competition.

However, last time I had a competition the postage costs were fairly hefty, so I'm going to have a giveaway instead. All you have to do to enter is being a follower of the blog and leave a comment below (one entry per person, but feel free to leave multiple comments!). In November I will randomly select a name from those who are followers and have left a comment, and that person will receive a £20 gift voucher for the online hobby store of their choice - assuming said store sells online gift vouchers! Simple!

So thank you all for your support - normal toy soldier related posting will now resume!


  1. Congrats on your milestones!!! And that's a very generous offer, one that I'm very willing to take part in. Nice one James!

  2. Thankyou for the entertaining blog.
    Congrats on the wedding and wish you both many years of happiness.

  3. Congrats on the all the posts and visitors, but most importantly congrats on your recent marriage. You make a lovely couple.

  4. From one Jamie to another, congratulations all around.

    Glad to see your blog still running. It seems often these days Facebook, Google+ and Youtube end up leaving the blogs last. Those are all great mediums but it's nice to have an organized place to hold everything.

  5. All the best James! It's been great following your blog and chatting with you on the hangouts.

  6. Congrats! Here's to another three years!

  7. Congratulation on all counts James

  8. Hi James,

    Congratulations on both your marriage and 100.000 page views. I'm not surprised, you have great modelling skills and have built up a fine collection. I enjoy blogs where you get to learn a little more about the author beyond just the hobby.

    Fine beard btw, from one bearded chap to another :)

    All the very best,


    PS: I sent you an email recently explaining about the German infantry I ended up using!

  9. Having followed your hobby antics for these years, I've been impressed with your progress and attention to detail that has only increased as the years go by. The blog itself is always a feast for the eyes and I learn a lot when you post up histories for the units you are working on. Good stuff Jamie and well worth coming back again and again.

    Many congrats to you and the lovely wife, you both look fantastic in that picture. I'm happy the clouds didn't mar your special day pictures!

    Keep up the great work my friend. :)

    (And I'll stick my name into that hat for the prize draw!)

  10. Congrats on marriage and on blog milestone. Look forward to much more

  11. Wow. That's a lot of milestones.


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