Saturday, 10 February 2018

Finished: German 15cm Heer Nebelwerfers and 10.5cm leFH 18's + Terrain

Hi folks,

I've had a busy week or so, between training at work, being really ill for two days and rushing last weekend to get an entry into the AHPC themed round when I thought I have a whole week before the deadline...

Still, I managed to get a few things done for bother the themed round on Saturday and my regular entry on Wednesday. As mentioned, the Saturday entry was rushed. As such, while I got the unit submitted, I really wasn't happy with the job I had done on the basing. Over the last couple of days, whilst not being well, I've just gone ahead and re-based the whole unit so that it's up to scratch.

These three launchers give me a full unit of 6 for my Heer forces. The actual unit would be one of the two regiments in 7. Werfer Brigade, which was a German Corps level asset supporting Panzergroup West. These launchers would be from either Werfer-Regiment 83 or 84.

I've another 3 of these to do, which are being painted up as SS battery from SS-Werferbataillon 12. Unfortunately it looks like the SS Werferbataillon was made up of 3 batteries of 4 15cm Nebelwerfers - so I'll be one short. As these come in packs of 3... I think I'll just have to live with that (for now)! Although I think I might know someone who has some spare crew! So far, as Battlefront don't do any SS Werfer crews, I've greenstuffed the helmets to give them the camo covers, and have started making an attempt at camo clothing. Time will tell how these guys look!

For Wednesday's entry I finished a battery of 10.5cm leFH 18's, which will be from 89. Infanterie-Division.

These guns made up the bulk of German divisional artillery throughout the war. I'm quite happy with how these turned out, although I did end up 'double grassing' the bases. Not sure whats going on with my Static Grass just now but I am just not getting the coverage I need.

Lastly, for Wednesday's entry, I also finished up some terrain. Additional walls for round my Church from Tiger Terrain, some little 'outbuildings' also from Tiger Terrain and some wooden fencing from Blotz.

I was pleased to be able to replicate the colour of the walls with those I finished last year. I am planning on basing the wall sections to make them more sturdy on the table and build in some foliage around them. The fencing was sprayed a dark green and then drybrushed up with some lighter shades, then buff.

While 'Gunuary' might be over, I'm still in that mode so will aim to get the 88's finished this month. Really pleased with my progress this year artillery wise - for the Germans it leaves me to focus on vehicles and infantry for the next little while. I'm still aiming to try and get the 10mm ACW limbers and stuff done before the challenge ends in March, which will be my other artillery related project done.

Vapnartak was last weekend, and I picked up a few odds and ends. Including a pack of PSC 25 Pounders... mistakes were made. I want the Quads to pull some 17 Pounders (the British infantry divisions seem to have used Quads for this, while the armoured divisions used half tracks - the Canadians used Ram Tanks...). But mainly I bought hobby supplies and terrain bits, including some more hedging. Other purchases included some spray paint, tufts, magnetic sheeting, carts/village scatter terrain, a book on ww2 transport vehicles (for £1), the new White Dwarf (Necromunda interest), an old White Dwarf (for £1, making me want to paint some BFG ships), Vallejo paints...  Not as much interesting stuff spotted at the bring and buy this year, which was a shame.


  1. Very nice job, your artillery units look superb, great painting and basing...

  2. They all look awesome James.
    You've really mastered the "recently fired and smokey" barrel look!

    Dont worry about the missing Werfer - its got a broken firing pin and is being fixed by the Tech Support company :-)


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