Sunday, 13 May 2018

Work in Progress...

Hi folks,

Ok, so I've not been very good at keeping the blog updated over the last few weeks. Mainly because the shoulder issue stopped me working for a week or so before it cleared up as quickly as it came. But that temporary stop, combined with the slow progress on the Panzer IV's and the release of the Battletech PC game, led me to slow to a crawl hobby wise.

Thankfully, I've now made some progress and have pictures to prove it!

Just waiting on the gloss drying on the 2nd lot of 5, then I can start thinking about decals and worrying about sorting bases!

I also assembled the Chaos cultist gang I had been thinking about. Still a few more bits to get (need some models to use as chaos spawn for when the rituals go wrong and a chap with a heavy weapon of some description), but I'm making progress!

Lastly, tonight I assembled the Really Useful Box trays I bought:

This is a 9L RUB, which holds 4 of the 35mm tall trays. For me, this means I can free up 4 boxes worth of FoW infantry (which includes a lot of wasted height in each box) and combine them into one single box with a lot less wasted space. My other boxes can then be used for taller models, like artillery and vehicles.


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