Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas 2018 loot

Hi folks,

Working hard on my first AHPC entry of the season - no pics yet as still work in progress!

In the mean time, I wanted to do the traditional 'what I got for Christmas' post, which is both heavily linked to what I am painting now and to my big scratch build project from earlier this year:

I've figured since myself, Dave and Martin have a bit of a D-Day theme going and I'm planning on doing some Canadian's for my Op. Totalize project, I would focus on the Canadian landings. There were a lot of interesting battles post landing as well, which will be good to cover through our games. The details of the Canadian landings are really interesting (and in some places, pretty grim) - not quite on the same scale as Omaha, but the initial waves took a beating.

Martin also recently found some family history loosely linked to Juno beach as well. These books are a fair old addition to my existing books on the Canadians in Normandy, and I'm looking forward to getting into them. The benefits of providing a list of wanted items to my wife ;)

Necromunda is still a project i want to get onto, and hopefully the AHPC challenge will see me making some progress!

I also got a ticket to go see Warhorse in Sunderland in February, which I have always fancied going to see.

Hope everyone else had a good day!


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