Sunday, 2 June 2013

Forged in Battle Universal Carrier comparison with Battlefront model

Having picked up a bunch of the Forged in Battle 15mm Universal Carriers for my Flames of War army, I thought I would post some pictures of the FoB models side by side with the FoW Battlefront model. I happen to have picked the mortar carrier from my collection, but it's exactly the same size as the base line model.

Battlefront miniature (FoW) on the left, Forge in Battle (FoB) on the right. Again, the camera makes the painted model look very very dark.

Closeup of the two.

Detail on the FoB model from this angle is impressive. Here you can see that it is slightly higher than the FoW model. Both are moulded onto the base.

Rear view.

Other side view.

Side by side the FoB model is ever so slightly longer.

Again, side by side the FoW model is slightly wider. This pic better shows it as not being painted black!

Crew models - these are actually really nice and pretty well detailed. I'm not sure what to do with the top set of models - I assume they are to sit beside the drivers at the front and man their Brens.

Rear view of the crew models.
There you go. Both models are around the same size, and on the table when painted I am not sure you could spot the difference unless you knew. The FoB models base seems a little thicker, and that might be why they seem to stand a little bit taller than the FoW one.


  1. Very nice kits, what is the difference in price J?

  2. Now your asking! If you take into account the free pack, I got 12 for roughly £20. For 12 FoW mini's your looking at around £30! The 40mm Bofors were £9.75 pp, and the FoW versions are over £11 pp.


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