Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wappinshaw purchases

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant day with Paul, Davey and Dave at Wappinshaw in Glasgow. I didn't take any pics at the event, but it seemed busy. I was surprised that it was a lot smaller than Carronade in Falkirk (perhaps I should have been more surprised at the size of Carronade?).

Some fantastic looking games being played - I kept finding myself watching the Full Thrust participation game. Paul even volunteered me for the charge of the Light Brigade game, but I managed to escape!

I had hoped that there would be something like the same number of traders there and I was a little let down by that. However, I still managed to spend money!

First up, hobby equipment.

So some flock type stuff for a terrain project I have in my head, some decals that are a slightly better size for my 144 RAC tank Turrets than the ones I have, some invasion stripe decals for my Typhoon (yeah yeah, I should paint them - not very good at straight lines!).

The grass tufts are the same as the Army Painter ones, and about 3 times more in a pack for the same price. The chap on the stall was explaining that these are from the same factory Army Painter buy theirs from, but they cut it up and resell it...

The spray can is Matt Varnish, since I have quite a few vehicles I will have to be varnishing. I thought I would give the spray a try. Some sand (again, terrain ideas!), some magic stuff that activates superglue and some acrylic resin for my bases! The two little hidden paints are a Barbarian Flesh and a Matt Black.

The bag in the middle is a large mixed bag of FoW bases I got for £4 from the bring and buy. A mix of all 3 base sizes, so handy to have as backups (and for my M5 halftracks).

Model wise I had a little bit of a splurge. Unfortunately there was very little at the bring and buy that interested me.

So here are the Churchill AVRE tanks and Sherman Flail tanks that along with the De-frocked priests make up my breaching group. 

2 x 6 pdr A/T guns and 2 x Loyd Carriers to finish off my infantry anti tank platoon. 

A bit of a gamble for me these ones. I really like the 40mm Bofors anti aircraft gun both as a model and as a weapon. During Operating Totalise these guns, loaded with green tracer ammo, were set on a fixed bearing and set to fire at regular intervals. These bursts of tracer helped direct the attacking columns and keep them moving in the correct direction. So a bit of an iconic unit to have in the army. That, and AA support! These models are from Forged in Battle whom I have never bought from before. The infantry might need a little bit of converting as they need some camo on their helmets, so that might be something I try and do.

The Universal Carriers on the right hand side are representative. Something the British Army used in huge numbers, and a useful unit for the FoW army. Both the infantry company and the recon platoon used these, so I bought 3 packs of 4 models each. Combined with the 40mm guns, this meant I paid for 4 packs and got the 5th free.

A wee pack of 3 ton trucks (15 cwt) that will help out in the future! I'm thinking these might be needed if I expand my artillery units out.

Sooooo... Yeah. I also picked up some of the new plastic Space Marine Terminators that Paul talked me into getting. Another project I have been thinking about. Someone being daft with pricing prevented me from getting some new Full Thrust mini's at the bring and buy, else they would have had a sale. But ho hum! The money got spent on the wee man today :)


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Was a nice day and I am sure it will get bigger and better as the years progress. I have always wondered why Edinburgh (now that it has a better home and the Falkirk show were so much bigger and better than the glasgow 1??? The Kelvin hall works great. Test the matt spray out on an old kit before bashing on with all yer lovely brits! I had bother with the Army painter Matt cracking and frosting my minis (painted with Army Painter quick shade.


  2. I will Paul, thanks for the tip!


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