Sunday, 9 June 2013

Small rant!

Spending some time today trying to prep models for priming.

One of the things I'm not happy about is the scale of the chain that comes with the Battlefront Sherman Flails. So I've been looking about online to try and find something more suitable.

And I keep running accross something that bugs me about our hobby. Why the hell do retailers selling gaming equipment, supplies and even models think that they will sell stuff when their website has no bloody pictures of the stuff they are selling?

This hobby is at least 75% visual - from the buying of mini's to knowing what your putting on them. Why would anyone think a modeller would buy something when they have no idea what it looks like!


  1. Try ebay, fine chain, thin chain.
    I remember the chain link on the flail is an oddity. I remember David had some very fine chain lying around for 15mm nap artillery.

  2. Thanks Paul, I managed to get some from a naval modelling site - they had an image of the various sizes side by side labelled with which was which. Took me a lot of looking though!


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