Sunday, 18 August 2013

Other club pics and home made PIATs

My post last night about the game me and David played took far more time than I expected, so I didn't get round to posting the couple of other pics I had taken.

The other club members were playing a Napoleonic battle in 10mm. I'm not sure how it went (I think the French won, something about the Russians getting wiped out).

Today has been spent priming the unpainted stuff I have (or at least a huge portion of it) and also working on some modelling stuff. The first it I want to create a ambulance for a mini diorama. I'm planning on getting some jeeps at some point and converting one to an ambulance jeep, but I wanted to try and convert one of my spare trucks into an ambulance as well.

Will see how this progresses. The model came from the bring and buy at Claymore this year and was already slightly damaged.

I also need some PIAT's for my Recon Carriers. I've not been able to locate models to suit, and only have one suitable infantry figure I can cut up. To resolve this I decided to try and make some proxies. They look a bit very rough... but should be ok at a distance and painted.

Lastly, I worked on assembling and detailing the Sherman V for my Sherman Crab troop.

The white lines on the model are modelling putty to fill in the gaps. This is the 4th one of these kits I have put together, and every single one has had the same issue. There are always gaps! I also loaded this tank up with spare tracks. I took it that any tank attached to a couple of flail tanks would need spare track links (and spare chains for the flails on the rear hull).


  1. For my PIATs on my UC's I went and bought some Command Distance PIAT infantry (I now have 50 of the bloody things.....) and magnetised them so I can switch them out easily.

  2. Happily swap you some surrendering Jerries for some!

    I did look at that as an option but just couldn't find any pictures of the sculpts. A major bugbear of mine... Model sellers with no pictures of their models. None of the Peter pig or skytrex minis had the poses I would want.

  3. Dai, I accidentally published your message - drop me a line again and I'll mail you privately. I can't recover the last message now! D'oh!


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