Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Quiet Weekend

Not a lot of activity this last week. I managed to get most of my vehicles and infantry base coated with their respective colours (Russian Uniform Green (Vallejo 924) for the vehicles and English Uniform (Vallejo 922) for the infantry). Getting them all done quickly I made use of my new airbrush.

Thankfully I seem to be getting a grasp on how to use this and aside from issues around getting the thickness of the paint right and knowing how long I can go before I need to clean the paint from around the nozzle, I'm doing well with it.

I'm hopeful that I can organise a game of something for this weekend - last weekend I had my girlfriend visiting from down south, so nothing modelling wise done despite it being a 3 day weekend!

Next step will be, I think, getting the infantry sorted. Pictures and more interesting posts to follow once I have made some progress.

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