Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Knightly Gaming Generals day, 16/11/13

Last Saturday I attended the FoW Generals day held at my local gaming shop in Lanark, Knightly Gaming. There were a few players there, none of which I've played before, so it was interesting to see other peoples armies.

As it worked out I was matched against a 750pt late war Russian Tank Company... I'm afraid I didn't catch my opponents name but we had a very friendly game together and we both picked up bits and bobs rules wise we had been doing wrong. His force consisted of 9 T34/85's (daunting to be sitting across from). The other tank company present (a German late war list) was his regular opponent, so my Highland Division mechanised force was up against a wall of tanks!

I tried to go for a balanced list with my 2 infantry platoons backed up with a troop of Shermans and 4 x 6 Pounder anti tank guns.

The table (at the end of turn one)

As it turned out my infantry's mobility wasn't used - I basically unloaded into buildings and dug in. The battle was just a fight to the death, so no objectives to take and hold. My veteran infantry in buildings (concealed and gone to ground) proved impossible for the t34's to shift. They needed 4+ basic, 6+ for concealed and gone to ground and 7+ due to the russkies hen and chick rules. 

Despite losing my Firefly to the first round of shooting, my Shermans actually gave a really good account of themselves. My command tank adding to it's impressive tally of tank kills!

With my infantry and guns dug in, the Russkie advance continues...

With the T34's on the left flank failing their motivation test (and taking the HQ unit with them), it left my two remaining guns and Shermans to handle the right flank (while my infantry hid and took PIAT shots at anything coming near!)

I decided one of my Infantry platoons that had been on the left should redeploy to get it's PIAT into the fight... so began their epic chase! (I forgot I could have recalled the transports).

Before finally the last Russkie tank was dealt with.

Yes, that is a Sherman model, my opponents force had been a mid war soviet one prior to being rejigged.

Some of the other games:

A good day and I think I learned a good few things about my understanding of the rules. One of the Battlefront 'Rangers' was present and taking pics, so there might be a chance the event gets featured on the Battlefront website.

Thanks to Brett at Knightly Gaming for hosting the event! Attendees also got a free plastic Sherman or StuG model and another gamer very kindly gave me their Sherman Firefly plastic kit as well as the standard Sherman V I got :)


  1. Some really nice looking armies at this gig. Good stuff and congrats on the win!

    Find myself rather envious of those pretty Crocodiles.....

    1. Thanks Dai, yeah some nice looking stuff. Found myself considering the crocs a bit more having seen the models (and been convinced with the armour rating!).

    2. Yeah, those Churchill VII's Front Armour 13 would be great for my games versus my regular opponent who loves his big kats and their nasty enormous cannons.

  2. Looks great J, surprised how many FOW gamers around our area. What were the ages roughly? Younger than us or older?

    1. What do you mean younger than 'us'! :P

    2. A mix of ages mate, not all from this immediate area though, I think.

  3. Lol, I keep forgetting im older than you! Its Mai telling me I look so young ;-)


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