Sunday, 10 November 2013

Carluke Club 9/11/13

I took a few pictures at the club yesterday and didn't get around to posting anything last night. Today in the UK is Remembrance Sunday. I spent my two minutes in silence at 11am and stopped in the street to watch the pipers and parade of local organisations (scouts, Guides, etc) heading to the memorial hall in Lanark. I thought a lot about whether to post or not today, the connection between war and playing war games is a close and sensitive one. I'm the first to say I enjoy playing the games I play - but I would also say that war itself is abhorrent.

My FoW collection is for me a memorial to my Grandfather - a Sherman tank driver with 144th Regiment, Royal Armored Corps. He served (and survived) in the NWE theatre from as far as I know the regiment landing just after d-day till the occupation of Germany and then onto Italy before being De-mobbed.

In my living room I have his ID tags, complete with the original string worn smooth where he had it around his neck.

My interest in warfare, as I have gotten older, has moved away from awe of the kit to awe of the men. My knowledge and my search for knowledge is not to me glorification of war, but glorification of those men (and women) that died and that survived. As a society we say 'Lest we forget', but as individuals we do forget. Or we never take the time to learn just how bad it was - and is for those that are currently serving or surviving having served.

So I thought about whether, today, to post a blog about a game that was played yesterday. But at the end of the day, it is a game. Playing it is no dishonour to the gamers, and no dishonour to the fallen. So posting pictured of it shouldn't be either.

Apologies for the rambling justification, and apologies if you do think that posting today was disrespectful. I can assure you, no disrespect was intended.

Anyway, first up some pics of the Napoleonic multi player game that was going on. French models were provided by Auld Davey, British by John P. I only stopped by the game from time to time to take some pictures, so no battler report. I gather the French were attacking a British held ridge line, and that the British won.

Just to say, as these games are multi player they are largely collaborative. If you wanted to play then some forces would be assigned to you and everyone would be happy to help you play the game. One of the great things about the club.

French on the right, Brits on the left.

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  1. Jamie, like what you wrote and no, there's no disrespect involved at all imo. Just like you wrote, if we don't write about these things then they'll be forgotten, blog post or otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing all you have thus far and for the future.


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