Friday, 8 November 2013

Sherman Crab Flail Work In Progress (Part III)

Onto part 3 of the series of Sherman Crab progress posts... At this stage, I have no idea how long the series will be!

Getting the basecoat on, blocking in the main colours and then using Army Painter Strong Tone on them left me with highlights to do and the dusty effect I have been aiming for.

I picked up some Vallejo pigments and set about making a mess of both models. Stupidly I was confident I would get the effect I wanted (or close to it) first time round. What a fool I am!

Next day, with a hot tap and a old toothbrush, I found myself scrubbing away.

Another few attempts with pigments, and I defaulted to using a drybrush. Another possible mistake at this point is that I've not applied decals yet. This may come back to be an issue later.

Still having issues with lighting for pictures. I also toned down the paint on the mantlet end of the gun barrel after looking at these pics.


  1. Wish I had some advice regarding the pigments mate, but I'm still learning to use them too. :/

    Still, base model before those effects is looking very nice. Are you planning to add some AVRE's too?

  2. Seems like when it comes to pigment the application is the key. I found it worked with water a little, but I think white spirits might be the way to go.

    Just have to remember to stop licking the brush!

    I've two AVRE's to paint, they are base coated and waiting their turn. Just need to do the gun tank for the flails and pick up a armored bulldozer.


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