Saturday, 30 November 2013

Slow progress and illness

I'm aware I've not posted very much recently, but there has been a combination of factors that have slowed my progress down.

One has been that after deciding I was happy to use yellow number decals on the turrets of my flails, I decided (surprise surprise) that I wanted to use the correct red ones. These are on order from Doms Decals, but I've been waiting a week now.

The second thing that's slowed me down this week has been a kidney stone that's more or less floored me. My lovely girl was so concerned that she actually traveled up to look after me for several days.

While I'm still very sore, I hope to be able to head to the club today and play some 10mm rapid fire. Just need to make sure I need to take a load of painkillers!


  1. Get well soon J,
    Good to hear your well looked after!

  2. Good gawds mate, I cringed reading that.... >_<

    Poor sod. Don't watch Deadwood...


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