Thursday, 24 April 2014

100 post Competition Reminder - closes Friday

Hi folks, just a wee reminder that my 100 post celebration competition ends on the 25th of this month.

To enter, just join my blog and leave a comment answering: What is it that keeps you chipping away at the lead mountain - and who do you thank most for your inspiration and motivation? 

Details can be found here:

A wee pic of me with a Israeli Super Sherman (M-50) from my visit to Eden camp last year.


  1. Nice photo. Whenever I see actual tanks I can't help but think "it could use some dry-brushed highlights and a bit of weathering..." :-)

    1. Which begs the question - do they need it at all then? We could save ourselves a LOT of time and effort if we went by the real thing from pics like the above! ^_^ Lovely stuff Jamie, Egyptians beware!

  2. Thanks guys - my lovely better half took me to the camp on the way home from Scarborough last summer. It's an old WW2 prisoner of war camp thats been converted into a museum. Despite having to navigate around many old people and kids, it was a interesting place. Alongside this Sherman was a Churchill Crocodile (without trailer) and a Spitfire.


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