Friday, 11 April 2014

Further Experiments with Weathering...

This will be the first of two posts tonight - as this one is post #99!

Looking at the model I was experimenting with the other night and the feedback I had received I decided to go back and try again.

First, a wee pic of the Tamiya Weathering Master compacts:

The nice thing about this stuff is that a simple wipe with a damp paper towel and it comes off, allowing me to try again. At this point I am going to have to give serious consideration to either building one of my Open Fire plastic StuG's or picking up a cheap plastic 1:72 model to practice on.

This time I started with the Mud colour and built up first to Sand, then to Light Sand.

So the comparison pics. First up is the earlier version:

And the new attempt:

I think the second attempt is a lot nicer - much more subtle.

Here's the other side:

Not quite as subtle, but still better than the first try I had. Note on this one you can see the blackening around the end of the barrel as well.

I'm not too sure how to treat the turret. I've done nothing to it and it does look a little clean (and dark) in the pictures. Without the daylight bulb it doesn't look as dark, and the pigment effects are a lot less bright as well. The joys of trying to photograph models!

Anyway, again, thoughts are welcome. I may try and pick up some of the liquid pigment washes that replicate dust effects. I would also welcome any comments on how exactly the rainwater streaks can be done. I've tried google and youtube, etc, but no further forward.

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