Saturday, 5 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday 2

I got a little more enthused again this week to move my painting forward. The four halftracks from my last Paint Table Saturday blog are awaiting an Army Painter Quicktone coat, but as that's pretty strong smelling I'm holding off for a nice (or at least a dry) day to do them outside.

So, here's the total of this weeks work so far:

From left to right we have two Loyds Carriers, my M5 Ambulance conversion and two De-frocked Priests (also known as Kangeroo's). At the front we have two 6 pounder Anti-Tank guns. All the models are 15mm and all but the halftrack in the middle (which is a Plastic Soldier Company model) are from battlefront.

These models are getting there, but still need a few finishing touches and then a touch up using the base Russian Uniform green color.

The reason behind this motley collection is that these models represent stragglers for units that are otherwise painted and complete. The De-frocked Priests give me the last two I need to make my whole infantry company mechanised. The guns and the Loyds Carriers make up the last two guns for my infantry anti-tank platoon.

Alongside these, I have primed my Sherman ARV mk.I:

Which is awaiting a decision from me on some more detail work - I feel certain bits of it look a tad rough. Like around the spare track on the hull sides - I keep wondering if I should try some small bits of plasticard to actually make boxes around them. Or just accept that the model is 15mm and only has to look okay at 'tabletop ranges'.

Opinions, as ever, welcome!


  1. Nice figs on the table. Shall look forward to seeing them finished.

    1. Thanks Simon! Hopefully it shouldn't take too long to get these varnished. The gun crews have been painted for months, just waiting on their guns and bases.

  2. Also, how often will you actually use the ARV? That amount of effort for a model rarely chosen is wasted effort imo.

    All looks very nicely done Jamie. The more 6pdrs, the better! :)

    1. I'm a perfectionist Dai - wanted a full Armoured Squadron. Which will also include (in time) re supply vehicles. I also wanted one for games of Battlegroup Overlord. Plus I had the spare Sherman V anyway.


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