Saturday, 26 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday #25

A pretty quiet week for me painting wise due to a number of factors. I could blame being busy with visiting relatives and work, etc. But really it was the fault of this:

Really great game, which I have been enjoying a lot and loosing a good bit of time to. As such, my painting has suffered.

One thing that did happen this week is that I umpired a small game of Full Thrust using the FT lite rules for a couple of friends. One had played many many years ago, and the other never had. They both had a great time and the NAC were pretty soundly beaten by the FSE forces. The game was my suggestion as my regular Wednesday night roleplay game was cancelled and I had been meaning to catch up with one of my Thursday night Roleplay campaign players who's been ill for the last few weeks. I guess looking at other peoples pictures of Full Thrust mini's has got my interest going.

Having sparked their interests in Full Thrust (bwa ha ha...) I decided I would have a look at my old collection. And oh boy have my painting skills improved. So I started looking into ways to remove old paint, and found this:

Which, according to reviews I have read online, will take paint off of metal, plastic and resin models. Initial testing seems to prove that it does - with a darn sight less warning labels on the back of the bottle than most of the other options. I picked this up in my local Tesco for under £4.

Here's the models that I have decided to start with:

So, this Paint table Saturday has been more focused on taking paint off of mini's than putting it on!!!


  1. Interesting. Never played this one either. Will be interested to learn more.

    1. Great game, very simple and the rulebooks can be gotten free from

    2. O very good! I will check them out today, cheers!
      For stripping have you tried Dettol yet? I heard it was good for stubborn thick paint and superglue. Messes up your hands tho so gloves are required.

  2. I discovered Fairy power sprays paint removal ability doing a favour for the wife, thinking I was being helpful and cleaning the cooker I removed all the painted on gas mark no's and guides to what hob is what, cost me a new oven, and I have been banned from cleaning up which is no bad thing ;)

    1. Andrew, thanks for sharing - caused many guffaws on this end. It's a very effective substance for paint removal. Gloves are a must though, as too much on your hands causes dryness.


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