Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday - three days late...

Slightly late with this week's attempt at a Paint Table Saturday post! Mainly due to the fact that on Saturday I only had Army Painter (Strong Tone) varnished vehicles staring back at me. No Salute for me, I'm afraid. One day... Trying to convince the better half that there might be a show on in London that weekend...

I managed this evening to get a dry brush with the base Russian Uniform Green (Vallejo Model Colour 70924) over them. I had tried a new type of highlighting (for me) on my Sherman Hybrids and I intend to replicate that on these models. I'll also do a lighter shade of the Russian Uniform as a quick dry brush later as well.

Since I had some Russian Uniform Green left (I seem to be really bad and putting too much paint on my palette) I also gave the Sherman mk.1 ARV a rough base coat.

This is also my 101st post - please check out my Competition in post #100!

PSC M5 Half Tracks

Loyd Carriers and 6 pdr A/T guns
De-frocked Priests and M5 Ambulance on the left
Side view of M5 Ambulance conversion and De-frocked Priest
Side view of Sherman ARV mk.1 and another shot of the A/T guns
Closeup of Sherman ARV mk.1
Just a quick comment on the Sherman Armoured Recovery Vehicle and why I wanted to convert one. The ARV's are not too much use in Flames of War. However, in Battlegroup Overlord, they have a much wider range of abilities. Some examples: They can attempt to repair destroyed vehicles (6 on a D6, max of 2 attempts) or repair immobilised vehicles (4+ on D6). Recovery vehicles can also tow destroyed vehicles from the table, allowing you to recover some of your lost morale points.

The reason I wanted to convert a mk.1 is that the model Battlefront do for FoW is just plain wrong! I understand it's not as interesting a model as the mk.2, but I think it deserves the attention!


  1. Valid reasons mate. I can respect that. Playing a game where indeed it sounds far more useful than in FoW (Where ARV's are basically an extra armoured MG carrier) would probably make me want one too.

    I need to enter your competition.

  2. Thanks for participating! I added you link to my blogpost and shared it on the community.

    Greetings, Sofie

  3. I run British/Canadian armour and have a Sherman ARV. It's quite possibly the most useless vehicle in the game! It doesn't even have a machine gun, unlike the German recovery vehicles. Your half-tracks look great, I like the stowage on them. Cheers, Paul.

  4. Thanks Red! I try to make sure all my vehicles have some form of stowage on them. Most of the stuff on the Halftracks came on the sprue (They are Plastic Soldier Company plastics). The ARV is definitely more useful in the Battlegroup Overlord rules I also use these minis for!

  5. Hi Jamie, looking good, im the same with the wee popper paints. As a Scotsman it pisses me to waste anything!


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