Sunday, 25 May 2014

6 Pounder Anti Tank gun platoon - Finished!

Again, some pics of models I finished last week. The two final guns and Loyd carriers I needed to make my platoon up to full strength.

These guys carry the markings of 'S' Company of 7th Battalion, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - the third of the three infantry battalions of 154 Brigade, 51st Highland Division. 

I realised that along with my 3" Mortar platoon I've more or less got the whole of 'S' Company! Might need to look at some command teams and stuff just to make it a stand alone unit...

Again, I can see how my painting has moved on since I started these back in 2012. I can also see that some of the older guns need another highlight and spray of Matt varnish. One of the things I changed last week were the bridging numbers on the Loyds carriers. I had these as '4's but it turns out they should be '5's... Fixed now! 


  1. They look very good and I really like the basing as well

  2. I Do love me some 6 pounder guns. Cool models with fun rules. A platoon in ambush puts the willies up any sane German player. :)


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