Saturday, 10 May 2014

Carronade 2014 haul!

With finances being as they are just now, I was limiting myself to what I would spend today. Thankfully, the joys of a decent bring and buy is that you end up with far more for your £££'s.

So, some pictures of the haul. First up, one of my best buys:

Daimler Dingo's I've been looking at for months. Another Sherman Firefly... handy - although I had wanted a Hybrid Firefly it's no biggie. The Sherman V - not really something I need, but I am sure I'll find a use for it.

As you can see, the items were all prices £6.50. But two of them have the prices scored out. The chap was in the process of marking the new price having seen my looking at them and putting them down. What is the new price, says I. £1 each says he!!!! I practically threw the money at him. A saving of £16.50!

Next up - something I've been after for ages. I wanted some Battlefleet Gothic Imperial light cruisers, and someone here has cut down some Imperial ships to make them into Ork ships.

However, I am pretty sure I can strip the paint from these and rescue the hulls. These should make some use able light cruisers (albeit conversions). All these models in one box for £10. Again, I practically threw my money at the stallholder before he could change his mind. I'm only interested in the imperial hulls really, and can probably sell the Chaos stuff in it's current condition for the price I paid for the box.

A selection of tiddlywinks, box of FoW bases, some Warbases large FoW bases and some more turret number decals. The tiddlywinks is a cunning plan - part one is some to mark in Full Thrust when a ship has fired and part two is to use to base my planned individual 15mm figures (to supplement my FoW bases for Battlegroup Overlord). Also in this pic are the above mentioned FoW blisters. Also in the picture are my flight peg toppers from Figures in Comfort which I collected at the show and got a refund on my postage for!

Figures in Comfort were also selling these - a heading/weapon facing template for Full Thrust. Given that I've played two games of this in the last month using a tatty paper version I made 7 years ago I thought a new plastic version would be a good purchase.

In this Full Thrust theme:

3 old style ESU Battleships, two Light Carriers, two Heavy Cruisers (?) and an Escort Cruiser (?) and a pack with two ESU scout ships - as well as a load of fighter bases. For £5. Well spotted on these ones by Paul, who picked them up for me when he saw them and figured I would be interested.

Also in this pic is the template from above and a book on the 3rd Infantry Division from D-Day to the Elbe. This cost me £2.

Last two items:

Some Forged in Battle Loyd Carriers (to be transports for my 4.2" Mortar platoon). And some MiniNatur flower tufts. These are in white and yellow, and will spruce up some of my bases as well as the grass tufts I've been using.

A full comparison of the FoW and FiB Loyd Carriers will follow soon(ish).

A fantastic haul for me and I am really really pleased with some of these buys. The FoW models and BFG models especially.

YD picked up some 10mm WW2 Germans for his Rapid Fire army, some Zulus and British troops for 28mm games and some 15mm Vietnam mini's. Davey was happy with his huge box of 28mm Celts and Roman 28mm kits and Paul copied me in getting grass tufts/flowers and paints. He also got some books showing colour photos of Nap re-enactors in full kit (as opposed to no kit (ooo er)). We were all really pleased with our buys - Thanks to the guys for taking me along for the day.


  1. Nice loots :)

    I might have to get one of those FT templates for myself

  2. Yes it was a nice day Jamie, I didn't buy much but what I did buy I like. Shame fighting 15's didn't bother to come up. I really need someone to be looking out for stuff that I would like. Seems I always find bargains fir others! Glad you wanted the spaceships!

  3. Nice haul mate!

    Seeing bring and buy results like these is really making me reconsider my choice not to attend Kublacon this month...

  4. Wow, you did well for yourself!


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