Friday, 30 May 2014

Full Thrust Ship (Minotaur Class Deep Space Tug) - Finished!

A little interesting side project for me, which I mentioned here - I was going to try to add another tab to my blog in order to document some of my Full Thrust stuff, but so far that's been a little too complicated. I can't seem to get it to work the way I think it should, so any tips are gratefully received!

Aside from painting this ship I have also introduced 4 new players to the joys of Full Thrust with some degree of success. Myself, Connor and Steven have now played 3 or 4 games and had a good laugh doing so. Connors picked up some ships and I think Steven is looking at some currently. This Wednesday Connor and me played a game with Jamie and Jules - resulting in a draw, but plenty of laughs.

The plan is to slowly repaint my Full Thrust collection one or two ships at a time while also working on my standard 15mm Brits. I enjoyed how quickly I could get this ship done (it's been sitting ready for weeks now, I just forgot to take some pics) and I enjoyed using some new techniques and painting nice bright colors for a change!


 "The Minotaur class FTL Tug was a joint commercial and military venture by the New Anglian Confederation Admiralty. The design specification was issued to commercial shipyards in order to provide a class of ship that could be produced to be commercially rented but retained by the NAC Navy for their use in emergencies. Similar programmes had been successfully implemented with merchant hulls that could be re purposed during wartime into military transports - but without the upkeep cost to the Admiralty of a standing merchant fleet. These tugs are now prolific across NAC and allied space, doing everything from hauling cargo trains, shunting ships around orbitals, acting as 'Lifeboats', hauling asteroids and deep space rescue and salvage. Featuring a 200 mass FTL drive and over sized thrusters, the Minotaur is capable of acting as a tug for all but the largest vessels. Provided with screens and a level of Armour protections (as well as comprehensive PDS suite) for operating in debris strewn battlefields and asteroid belts, the Minotaur class has proven to be both as tough and as strong as it's namesake."


  1. Nice looking tug. If any of your friends are looking to acquire a fleet, there's someone from Glasgow selling a nicely painted FSE fleet on ebay at the moment. Only 2 bids so far with about 4 days to go.


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