Tuesday, 16 September 2014

5th Assault Reg. RE (79th Armoured Div.) AVsRE - Finished!

I got home from my time campaigning tonight with a few hours left before bedtime.

As such, I got these two Churchill Armoured Vehicles Royal Engineers finished. These guys are part of the breaching group with will go along with my Sherman Flails and my armoured D7 Bulldozer (stay tuned!). Eventually the plan is to have another 2 of these guys with a Fascine and/or assault bridge each.

The 5th Assault Regiment, Royal Engineers were part of 79th Armoured Division (Hobarts Funnies) and were tasked during Operation Totalise with supporting the night attack. I have no info on what parts of the unit were with what column, so that solved one issue. Also, I could find no reference to or pictures of AVsRE with squadron markings - it seems that as the tanks were operated by the Royal Engineers they did not use normal Tank Regiment structures. I am willing to be corrected if anyone has other info.

These two models are from Battlefront and I have to say I love them. The Churchill was always my least favourite British WW2 tank. But over time the ugly big buggers have grown on me. They were a joy to paint although they were a bit of a nuisance to put together, with gaps between the resin hull and metal tracks.

Not great pics due to me rushing to get them before my phone battery died!

Looking forward to using these in a game at some point where they can be useful from a AVsRE perspective. Need to think of a scenario that had bunkers to bust and hedges to breach!


  1. Cracking result sir. I'll look up about those markings too cos I swear I remember seeing a pic or three a while back....

    1. All help appreciated Dai - I could find nothing!


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