Monday, 8 September 2014

#6MMRPC post 1 (or bloody hell, what have I let myself in for...)

As mentioned in my previous post, I am undertaking the 6 Months Miniature Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge. I spent the evening today trying to sort through my own little miniature mountain in order to try and determine what I have outstanding and what I have remaining to purchase.

The painting tracker template was care of Admiral Drax and was a really useful template. Thanks Chris!

Somewhere along the line I have gone from just a Infantry company list for FoW to a Armoured Squadron list and a Recon list - as well as starting units mainly needed for Battlegroup overlord... This has all resulted in a range of models getting bought and a range of different threads to my collection. As the chart will show:

Soooo... Yeah. Bloody Hell!

The scary thing is this leaves me with 2 Universal Carriers that are 'spare', along with a Sherman V that I have no current use for - I may kit it out as a OP tank for BGO (OMG!, I am already adding to the list!).

One of the issues I have come up with using the HD list is that the Highlanders really are stuck in the Normandy era with it. While a lot of other British lists (like the newer 53rd Division list and the Market Garden lists) have moved on into the mid late war (and the Germans, US and Russia are all in late late war). I am focusing my force around operation Totalise (August 1944) but it would be nice to have some late late war options (like Archers and the loss of the Reluctant rating). And as for the lack of a proper independent Armored Brigade list...


  1. Well, I guess you're going to be a busy boy then! Quite a well planned collection though, and even getting half way through all that in six months will be a major achievement. Good luck :-)

    1. Your right there Paul, I may have bitten off a lot more than I can chew - especially given my completion speed so far this year!

  2. Yegawds! What a chart! Will be fun to see all those blocks change to green mate. (I think I may have found a Dispatch rider on a Norton motorcycle btw. If I can get it, I'll be sure to send you one too. :) )

  3. Some of them might change shade....! Maybe even in 12 months!!! lol. Its a target, thats for sure. I'll just give it a bash and see what I can get done.

    Oooohhh... Dispatch Riders? Where?

  4. Holy cow, mate: that's quite the daunting task!

    I look forward to following your progress though - I've got rather a soft spot for the HD (although I haven't a clue why, in particular, and it's not like I know anything about them...).

  5. Man Jamie, I had no idea you were aiming for that amount of kit!

    Good luck with them and look forward to see them coming together!

  6. I absolutely love the organization. Wish I was even halfway decent with Excel!


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