Monday, 1 September 2014

Army Storage

With a house move coming up at the end of this month, it seemed like a sensible time to try and sort out my Army Storage solution. While my KR multicase is bearable as a means of getting my army to the table it's not really big enough now to allow me to store my whole force. Plus, I remain a little dubious about storing painted miniatures in foam.

I picked up a few months ago magnetic and steel sheets from Magnetic Displays which have sat waiting for me to get my finger out. I had also picked up some small tupperware containers that clip together neatly and are just the correct size for infantry to stand in.

I spent most of a day lining the boxes with the magnetic sheets and attaching steel sheeting to the base of my models - and this is where having everything on bases paid off. This task was made a lot easier by the fact the adhesive that comes on the back of the sheets is pretty solid. I had images of me having to use superglue, but thankfully it all went together without it.

The infantry:

And the rest:

And the acid test...

Solid! I'm not sure I would hold them upside down, but the magnets are strong enough to stop everything rattling about. Longer term may see some soft foam for the inside lids, just to keep everything secure and protect them against any serious drops or knocks.

I've got another load of minis still to do - artillery, tanks and some other bits and bobs. I've ordered some more magnetic sheeting and hopefully everything will be safe and secure for the move!


  1. Now that it something worth doing! I've got a move of my own in two months. Might have to look into doing this with some of my stuff. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks Paul - the idea is actually one I got from YD, Paul (paulalba) and auld Davey. They store all their models this way, although they use smaller trays.

      I've now got my second box done, so until I finish basing the churchills and stuff I've got storage space for everything!

    2. Oh, and good luck with the move!!

  2. O very spiffy mate. If it looks like we make a move ourselves anytime in the future, I may well follow suit on this idea. As it is though, my minis are comfortably in a cabinet in my living room for all to see - and it was my wife's idea!

    1. My Cabinets too small, lol. But I did want to make sure they were secure for the move and that I had them somewhere they are not accumulating dust.


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